TEU loaders in Europe

TEU loaders in Europe

The dynamic development of the global market for loading equipment was at the end of the 20th century. It was then that new brands began to appear on the world stage, which set the tone for the general trend. One of these players was the Chinese company TEU, which combines a number of features that have liked a wide range of consumers.

The main ingredients in the company’s rich recipe for success are:

Attention to detail;
high quality control during product assembly;
a large range of forklifts;
nice and elaborate design;
the use of engines made in Japan.

It is worth dwelling on each of the listed items in more detail in order to understand why TEU in less than 10 years has become a real leader in its own segment.

Little things decide everything!
Before the advent of TEU forklifts, few manufacturers asked for operator comfort and controllability of special equipment. This was not just not a priority for numerous eminent manufacturers, companies – competitors did not set themselves the goal of creating something comfortable in such a specific segment. It was TEU that became one of the first to proclaim the policy of operator convenience, which should have a significant impact on the quality of work. Later, several independent scientific groups confirmed these guesses through a series of studies and the practice of introducing comfortable control conditions began to spread rapidly among other manufacturers.

Among other things, separate mentioning is the proper distribution of key parts and other elements. Modern TEU loaders are not just high-quality equipment, they are well-built high-quality equipment, which greatly facilitates both the conditions of its own operation and the conditions of preventive maintenance.

Highest quality control
For a Chinese manufacturer, the question of the quality of their own products is perhaps the most painful and important. In the conditions of total distrust on the part of consumers to Chinese goods at the dawn of the 20th century, it was extremely important to convince the whole world that TEU forklifts are a new player among the most reliable brands. It was the brand management that invited a huge number of local quality inspectors, each of whom was responsible for a separate section of the assembly shop.

Thus, the world received a long-awaited brand that won the hearts, minds and wallets of a huge number of consumers across the planet.

TEU forklift trucks is a separate science for high-quality assembly, the best performance materials and two-factor testing of each individual product unit. If on the conveyor there is a model that does not pass the preliminary certification and testing, then the whole batch passes an additional stage of quality control.

Wide range of models
Today, the TEU brand is represented from more than 25 different models of loaders, which are divided into three main categories: diesel, gasoline and electric. Such a wide range of models is presented for the convenience of customers. Most of the profile forklifts are used in the same weight range. Thus, it is not necessary to overpay for a model that has a much greater potential than the situation requires. And the cost of this additional potential is significantly high. Based on this policy, TEU prepared each customer group for the current offer, which significantly increased the customer base of the Chinese brand.

Industrial Design? Why not!
When it comes to the design of specialized tools and special equipment, many argue that these product groups do not need design delights. Firstly, it is absolutely not necessary and forklifts without the work of famous designers will function perfectly, and secondly, the services of the design bureau affect the formation of the budget, which affects the final cost of the product. But if we recall that TEU forklifts in Ukraine, as well as all over the world, are almost the best ratio of high quality at minimum cost, then the relevance of this issue disappears by itself.

Japanese partners
One of the points of brand success lies in the TEU partnership agreement with a number of leading manufacturers of internal combustion engines. The Chinese company decided not to develop its own internal combustion engines and trusted renowned suppliers from Japan. This solution had two main positive points:

about 10 years ago, consumers trusted such brands as Mitsubishi or Toyota more than a little-known TEU;
the purchase of third-party units frees the manufacturer from the need for its own development, which allows you to keep your goods in the lower price segment.

Thanks to this tricky move, TEU loaders have gained worldwide recognition and immense popularity throughout Asia, and now the world.

TEU Forklifts in England

2018 for the company has become particularly successful. The manufacturer has strengthened its position in the global market and TEU forklifts began to be sold in the UK due to high demand and loyal pricing. JD FORKTRUCKS LTD. Has become a new dealer of the brand, which will provide customers with the highest level of service and the entire range of manufacturer’s models.

In addition to numerous TEU forklifts, specialized equipment for warehouses, original spare parts for special equipment, tires, consumables and traction batteries for electric loaders will be presented at Foggy Albion.

TEU is the highest quality of modern solutions available to even small businesses. And the increased demand for Chinese brand equipment in the UK is a clear proof of this.