About company

In a world dominated by a commodity turnover race, not even at the level of individual companies, but entire continents, the importance of optimizing the work and participation in this process of profile equipment can not be overestimated. One of the most demanded and cyclic actions in any enterprise engaged in the production or sale of various commodity groups is loading. And if earlier the logistics process led by loading operations occupied the lion’s share of time costs, now this process is completely semi-automated in a large number of world enterprises. Over the past few decades, many models of specialized loading equipment have appeared, thanks to which the growth in production and sales of goods has grown many times around the world.

The company “Eurocar” is one of the recognized leaders in the implementation and service of loading equipment of the Chinese manufacturer TEU. We are the official distributor of the manufacturer and represent the brand in our country on exclusive terms. And this means:

  • Quick access to post-premiere models on sale
  • Exclusive spare parts for the entire model range directly from the manufacturer
  • Unique price offers at the expense of the partner price quota, pledged for our region from the manufacturer.

Highest quality service center
We do not just offer high-quality equipment from a well-known brand, we provide the opportunity to purchase the most advanced forklift trucks on the market at incredibly low prices. A number of the most popular models of TEU have repeatedly won the title of the best profile technique in the past few years. The manufacturing company invests huge funds in the development of its own products, which gives tangible results. The growth of sales of TEU loaders worldwide is the best proof. In addition to high demand, TEU technology is an excellent indicator of reliability among loaders. It is for this reason that they require significantly less money for their own services.

Eurocar is not only a dealer center for the sale of high-quality products from the leading manufacturer, but also represents the advanced service center for the repair of loading equipment. In our service center you will be able to service machinery of both Chinese and European production. Annually, we send our employees to a number of world production centers of profile equipment for further training and passing relevant certification for appropriate repair work. Among other things, our service center has the most modern equipment for repairing machinery. All equipment is purchased from recognized world leaders in the production of narrow profile tools and possesses all related certificates of quality and conformity from manufacturers.

Also our company sells spare parts for forklift trucks and related products. Among the most popular positions you will find:

  • Traction batteries for electric forklifts, electric stackers, electric carts, floor washing machines, reach trucks, etc.
  • Tires and disks of different sizes for forklifts and front loaders
  • Hydraulic and electric carts, stackers
  • Hinged equipment for loaders (including rolling and bale grippers, rotators, fork displacement, fork positioner, collators)
  • Spare parts for various brands of loaders, such as Toyota, TCM, Nissan, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, BT, Still, Daewoo, Heli, Clark, Jac, HC, Jungheinrich, Linde, Balkancar etc.


is not just a place where forklifts can be bought or repaired, it is above all the highest service, the quality of which determines the constant cooperation between us and many regular customers. Our philosophy goes far beyond the simple relationship of the seller with the buyer. We cherish every visitor and treat with the highest respect the desire of our customers. At us you will receive not only a guarantee of high quality of all realized production, but also will find new friends which will help to be defined with a choice and will save you means.