Double lateral displacement mechanisms
Double lateral displacement mechanisms

Positioner with two or three pairs of forks
Positioner with two or three pairs of forks

These forks allow simultaneous movement of several pallets

Among the warehouse mechanisms and equipment there is a special device, called a multi-pallet forks. Like all warehouse equipment, multi-pallet forks serve to facilitate manual labor. Their design provides the opportunity to work simultaneously not only with one pallet, but with two, three or more, moving them to the designated place. Helps in this movement of the hydraulic system: it changes the initial position of the forks to the specified for a particular load.

Efficiency of using multipallets forks:
there is an opportunity to work immediately with single and double pallets;
thereby increasing the capacity of pallets;
at times the time of their loading and unloading is reduced;
there is no need to maneuver the loaders;
fuel is saved;
reduces the percentage of wear of forklifts.
All this gives an economic effect, without which any production is untenable.

If we talk in more detail about the double and triple mechanism of lateral displacement, it should be noted that it’s all about two, three or more carriages that can move relative to each other. Each of them is equipped with a pair of forks. Thus, simultaneous processing of one or two pallets occurs. If a triple displacement mechanism is involved, such forks can provide a much greater distance between the pallets. There are such positioners who, having a fork length of about 2400 mm, are able to process four pallets at once.

To multi-pallet forks, carrying out a large amount of work, remained as safe as possible, they must be securely secured in the raised position. If you want to reduce the size of the truck or reduce safety when driving on the road or lifting in a freight elevator, use folding forks.

For safety, the working platforms have special pockets for placing the forks of the loader. In this case, the platform itself must be firmly attached to the pitchfork. As for the platform platform, the main thing here is its non-slip surface and fence, which should not allow the contact of the working and moving parts of the mechanism.

If these safety rules are observed, the multi-pallet forks will be used not only during the warranty period, but much longer. Prolonging the economic effect.

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