Diagnostics of the “CURTIS” system on load-lifting equipment

The profile loading equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers is extremely reliable and does not require constant intervention at the household level for proper operation. However, even the most reliable technique requires regular scheduled maintenance to maintain its own functionality. One of the most important components is the diagnosis of the CURTIS system on the appropriate models of loading equipment.

The application of this method of diagnostics significantly affects the operability of the loading unit and the increase in the service life of a number of its nodes.

Among the most notable competitive advantages of the Curtis system diagnostics are:

1 Reducing battery consumption by optimizing the operation of resistors (in some cases, achieving savings of up to 35%)
2 Prevention of emergencies by monitoring the data of the battery discharge, which significantly increases the lifetime of the batteries and the system as a whole;
3 Optimization of charge-discharge processes, which reduces the number of corresponding cycles and significantly increases the service life of the battery;
4 Absence of the possibility of ignition of the contacts of the power direction;
5 Improving the running qualities of loading equipment and eliminating the scrolling of wheels on slippery surfaces;
6 Protection of the battery and the motor from shock voltage drops in the system in the range from ultra-high to ultra-low values.

Among other things, the CURTIS controller allows not only to significantly optimize the system performance, but also improves the performance of almost all units of the loader, thus improving the quality of the machinery and significantly increasing its service life. Even if we take into account the cost of the most budgetary models of electric forklifts, such savings becomes not just a recommended option, but an extremely compulsory service requirement.

Professional quality of work on licensed equipment.

Our company deals with diagnostic works of curtis controller of any complexity. We ensure the departure of a specialized team to carry out a full range of relevant servicing activities and conduct diagnostics of the production technique of most of the leading brands. Our goal is not only to optimize the operation of your equipment, but also to save you money at all stages of the operation of the equipment. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend conducting timely diagnostics of the “CURTIS” system on modern lifting equipment.

The entire fund of works we produce through professional equipment from recognized world leaders. All our specialized diagnostic equipment annually undergoes the mandatory calibration process according to the established standards of certification from the manufacturer. We carefully monitor the quality of services provided and work on modern equipment.
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