гидравлические штабелеры
Hydraulic stackers
Гидравлическая рохля
Hydraulic shroud
Reach trucks

Электрические штабелеры
Electric Stackers
Electric Pallet Carrier

The basics of any production business
If a common man has to ask about the heart of any large shopping center or a separate store, he will start to remember cash registers, shelves with products and other usual components of such establishments. However, the real heart of such and such organizations are warehouses. It is from here that the process of commerce begins and the further organization of work begins. By the way, the warehouse is an important logistical link not only in retail outlets, it plays a key role in any manufacturing enterprise and everywhere where there is any turnover of goods or products of different applications.

During the prosperity of the industrial boom of the 20th century, many manufacturing enterprises began to revise the doctrine of storing their own goods. And the blame was the buildup of production capacity, which could exceed instant consumer demand. Many industrialists quickly realized that it is better to have a warehouse stock of products for instant implementation than to wait for the presence of their buyer, thereby experiencing his loyalty to the brand.

The first technical solutions for the warehouse
Naturally, the new established rules of doing business also created new needs. All manufacturers and sellers of various products began to need a specialized warehouse maintenance technique. The human resource has always been a weak link in any business, and if it is a question of high-volume cargo, then there is no need to rely on the staff of additional employees. Soon a number of manufacturers presented the world with their own vision of equipment for a warehouse of completely different applications.The first bright representatives, from which the modern technology takes place, are warehouse loaders. It is difficult enough to overestimate the significance of this invention and it makes no sense to talk about what the world would be like if no one had invented such a solution. This is impossible in principle, since without such an instrument the industry would simply stand up, which irrevocably would throw us back into the Middle Ages.However, the first inventions did not have sufficient capacity for carrying capacity in all senses. The fact is that for any storage space it is extremely important to constantly expand its areas. Since in the conditions of a fixed building area this seems unlikely, the decision to increase the total area by raising the shelves up was the only correct decision. But in such realities, the profile warehouse loader has a new need – to lift the cargo to a certain height. This gave rise to a whole cascade of different solutions from a variety of manufacturers and the market saw new forklift variants that were capable of lifting voluminous loads to a height of several meters. This was a real breakthrough in the industry.

Sale of warehouse equipment
Until the end of the 20th century, the producers of profile offers could not cope with the constantly increasing demand from a huge number of customers. No matter how it may sound, those who significantly optimized the production capacities of all industrialists on earth could not cope with the colossal demand from customers. Warehouse loader could be bought either by prior reservation, or if you are a large corporate customer. In other cases, the buyer had to wait. Naturally, such demand generated new offers and the market saw new brands that offered their own models for every taste, color and tasks.

The beginning of the current century was marked by a whole army of new manufacturers, whose warehouse technology was literally rife with various options and a wide range of characteristics. If before buying such a proposal it was enough to order the necessary model and paying a large sum you received a universal tool, but now, in the century of total cost optimization, each client can choose an exclusive option that is ideally suited to his specific conditions. Many modern manufacturers create a number of different models based on a single platform, which differ from each other in capacity with a difference of one ton. Initially, such a decision seemed extremely doubtful, but the dynamics and growth of sales of such proposals illustrated a vivid picture of the demand for such proposals. Today, many of the largest manufacturers of warehouse equipment are trying to work on the same principle.
Optimal choice or empty costs?
Despite the fact that many people are trying to save on this kind of tools, everyone who buys a wide-scale storage equipment should remember that you are making a purchase not for one year and it will subsequently bring you revenue. Among other things, even if you think that hiring a staff of stevedores will be a more profitable and expedient decision, remember about health insurance and related risks, the responsibility for which you take on the rights of the owner and employer. In addition, the human resource also costs money and for a long distance it may seem an extremely costly part. It is for this reason that you should not delay the optimization of your expenses. Make the right decision now.

But as we said above – a large abundance of profile technology can be a little confusing to anyone who has not been heavily involved in the technical components of such proposals. In this case, it is extremely important to seek the advice of managers and as detailed as possible to voice your demands. Do not forget about what kind of cargo and volume you work with. Make a detailed list and give it to a specialist. Based on the received data, he will select for you the ideal solution, which will serve you faithfully and truthfully for many years.

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