Купить штабелер электрический

Quite often they are called electric trucks. Looking at the external similarities with the analog trolley, there are no questions of expediency of this “nickname”. However, in order to understand the nature of the appearance of such a piece of equipment, we need to dig a little into history and follow the trends of the time when the first representatives of these useful assistants began to appear on the market.

The awakening of the industrial giant

The first bells of need for this type of profile technology emerged during the industrial boom, when people began to race the speed of production of various products. Increasing the pace of the manufacturers rested on a very unusual paradox for them – the lack of logistics capacity. What was created at shock rates and truly on an industrial scale required rapid delivery from point “a” to point “b”. And if it were solely about moving goods in the same plane on the territory of one enterprise, the problem would be solved by means of usual mechanical devices. However, all industrial giants quickly realized that the expansion of warehouse space in height is much less costly than in width. Thus there was a new need – warehousing of the created goods in a vertical plane.

To achieve this goal, a number of manufacturers began to offer their own solutions based on various old-style forklifts on internal combustion engines. However, it is worth noting two main points of inconvenience for these specimens. First, any technique controlled by DVS is highly not recommended for use in closed areas, including indoor environments. Secondly, all the loaders were good for carrying heavy and voluminous cargo through the territory of the enterprise, but they refused to raise the load on storage racks. Here then the first electric stacker appeared on the market, which radically changed the point of view of profile equipment manufacturers forever.

The most important in any production

In fact, the first prototype of this solution was offered by Nikola Tesla in one of his countless and never realized projects. But at the time of the revival of the oil industry, nobody needed his drawings and everything was reduced to nothing. Nevertheless, several generations later, without these developments, people can not imagine a comfortable existence for themselves. In the case of the “electric tackle” this is not an allegory at all, but the real proof of our dependence on the stacker.

All modern models are created by their manufacturers in such a way that any worker in a warehouse or a shopping center could sit down at the shortest possible time for managing a piece of equipment and was able to manage it fully. In order to become an operator of such an electrostabilizer, your employee will not have to learn tons of training information. All modern models are equipped with completely logical controls that create comfortable conditions for continued operation. By the way, the operator’s work place is organized in such a way that it does not lose concentration and does not get tired during a long shift.

There are two main types of stackers, which share a number of important characteristics. In the first case we are talking about a portable stacker, which is operated by the worker on the principle of “carts”, the second is a full-fledged unit of autonomous control with the help of an operator. Both types of technology are extremely useful, perform the same functions. Their principal difference, apart from the design, is the height of the mast lifting for stacking various goods and the maximum load-carrying capacity. Both types of technology are performed on the principle of lightweight controls and can maneuver in extremely small areas. This is incredibly important in conditions of crowded warehouses or shopping centers, where there are always a lot of buyers. In order not to block entire rows of products and create such extensive opportunities for maneuverability of profile equipment.
Reliability of the electric drive
Talking about the fact that the electric stacker is forced to work from the electric power plant, we mean the need for such a solution in view of the reasons already voiced. However, how much does this inconvenience manufacturers and is it unprofitable for the company’s budget? Although the electric models of forklift trucks are traditionally considered more expensive than analogues on the ICE, this is not only speculation by the needs and lack of alternatives, but also the real benefit. At its high cost, do not forget about the cost-effectiveness of such solutions. Fuel consumes much more money than electricity. In addition, do not forget about the service factor. Any technique controlled by an internal combustion engine requires much more attention from specialists than its electric colleague. With the profile technology on the ICE, you will have to significantly more often serve it and carry out service activities, which also takes away a large part of the expenditure budget. If you are considering the option for a long-term perspective, then the electric forklift is your unequivocal choice. And it’s not just that you have no other choice.

Among modern stacker models, you can choose the ideal option for any enterprise. Modern manufacturers offer a cascade of different models, which are divided among themselves by a huge number of models in terms of load capacity and autonomy, ease of use and additional options. Having the basic requirements of your organization, the sales manager for profile equipment will be able to pick up a literally perfect variant that integrates incredibly successfully into your organization. Speaking of such achievements of the present, the words of the above-mentioned Nikola Tesla are recalled that the oil age will pass and everyone will regret the lost time and opportunities.

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