Электрические штабелеры
Battery for stacker
Тяговый аккумулятор для погрузчика
Battery for forklift
Аккумуляторы для поломоечных машин
Accumulators for cleaning machines
Зарядное устройство

Traction batteries for loaders FAAM The industrial boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought modern realities to the mass of innovations and the introduction of new technologies in all spheres of modern life. Along with the build-up of industrial potential, there has also emerged a high demand for profile equipment, which will allow production facilities to reach a qualitatively new level. Due to this demand, the first loading machines operating from power units of internal combustion began to appear on the market. Somewhat later the world saw electrified loaders, which proved themselves from a mass of practical sides as the only true solution. As you know, for all electronic equipment, the weakest place is the battery, or rather its capacity and a number of other characteristics. While the diesel analog could be promptly refueled and continued to continue to work on, electrical equipment needed long breaks for recharging.

The first among the best
Many companies tried to overcome this ailment and year after year represented traction batteries of their own production, each time boasting that they surpassed either the previous indicator or the current figure of a competing company. This format of “school showdowns” continued until the appearance of a new star in the market among battery development products – the company FAAM, whose development in a short period of time captured the minds, hearts and wallets of a mass client. The main characteristics of the products of the Italian company are:

  • Low level of self-discharge;
  • High adaptability and versatility of application;
  • Increased rate of recharge cycles;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Increased battery capacity.

Given the above list, the recipe for the success of the manufacturer does not cause any surprise. This is a natural result of the continued work of the Italian company. If at each of the points to dwell in more detail, it may seem that the gap between FAAM traction batteries and competitive companies is simply indecent. But let’s take everything in order!

Low level of self-discharge
Thanks to a special alloy, the exact proportions of the elements of which the company keeps in strict confidence, the manufacturer has achieved the appropriate characteristics, allowing the brand products to remain at the leading positions of the world market.

High adaptability and versatility
FAAM batteries are suitable for almost all forklift truck manufacturers. The exception is only the newest brands or models. In such cases, as soon as possible, FAAM releases solutions that adapt the work of its batteries to new models of profile equipment.

Increased indicator of recharge cycles
Thanks to a number of technological solutions that have become possible thanks to the research center of the manufacturer, FAAM batteries have an extended service life and an increased indicator of recharge cycles.

Comparing offers from competing brands with FAAM batteries, it is important to take into account the longevity of the work, the number of recharging cycles and the capacity of various models. Traction batteries FAAM always remain at the leading positions for all points.

Increased battery capacity
Although this information has no official confirmation – FAAM batteries have a small capacity reserve in comparison with the declared data. This decision is aimed at increasing the life of the product and is an extremely pleasant bonus in the event that you had to buy an Italian manufacturer’s battery.

The company constantly spends a huge amount of time developing new technologies that tirelessly implements in its own solutions. This approach to doing business leads the brand to international success since far in 1974. Even during the years of total domination of competitors, the FAAM management did not stop at the achieved results and continued to increase the volumes of modern solutions in its own products. This was the recipe for worldwide love and respect for the advanced manufacturer of traction batteries.