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TEU Loaders
In our time it is quite difficult to imagine any self-respecting production without semi-automated processes. It’s not about following the trends “… there are competitors, that means we need it!”, But in the fact that people have learned to count and optimize costs. With the advent of certain technologies, the world has changed and will never be the same. And if some 50 years ago, managers of various enterprises did not quite understand the meaning of purchasing warehouse equipment, since it was always possible to hire a pair of strong hands, then today this issue is simply not discussed. Good loading technology is not just convenient, but also fast, practical, and the cost of acquiring it over time pays off with interest.
Since the realization of this fact, a high demand for profile equipment has come to the world. Initially, the leaders of the production of diesel forklift trucks were taken by American and Japanese manufacturers. Their technique was considered the standard of quality and durability. The only drawbacks were the extremely high cost. However, in the absence of cheaper counterparts on the fact of high cost, people understood after the appearance of new competitors.

Philosophy of winners

One of the representatives of the new generation of loading equipment became the Chinese company TEU. Since its inception, the management of manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom has immediately determined the direction vector. A red philosophical thread through the entire production of TEU equipment was the phrase: “we must make durable equipment for the lowest possible price” and it should be noted that the strategy has become victorious.
Over the past 10 years, the Chinese forklift has won many awards in various competitions and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of profile technology. The main competitive factors of technology with the TEU logo are:

  • Incredible reliability;
  • Simple maintenance conditions;
  • Simplicity of operation and high level of operator comfort;
  • Durability of service life;
  • Low cost.
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And if the last point is extremely clear and transparent, how did the company’s management achieve such high rates at such a low price?
The best quality in the low price range
One of the most important decisions of the leadership of the Chinese company was the use of a number of important components from Japanese and European manufacturers. In order to establish own production of some parts, significant investment infusions are required in production facilities. This would invariably move the price range of the technology underway upward. An extremely wise and at the same time simple decision was to purchase components from world leaders and thus kill several rabbits:
  • Forklift electric forklift has got the parts checked by time from eminent manufacturers;
  • Through this decision, the cost of modern models remained extremely low;
  • The degree of trust from new customers has risen significantly, taking into account the components from much more expensive analogues.

Guarantee of the highest quality

Today’s TEU technology is a guarantee of the highest quality and a lot of interesting design solutions from engineers. Modern forklift TEU is: beautiful, convenient, comfortable, reliable and must be purchased at any location that requires appropriate loading operations.
Our company offers a wide range of modern models of TEU, which are distinguished by excellent smoothness for the operator, a minimum turning range and high load-carrying capacity. Still have questions? Contact our sales department and we will help you to choose the best technique that is ideal for your business!

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