Taking a forklift in leasing is the best financial solution for organizations and entrepreneurs, for whom tomorrow starts today and for which business development is a priority.
With the help of the forklift leasing program, you can now provide your business with modern and high-quality warehouse equipment on affordable terms!
Leasing – a fast and affordable financial solution for each enterprise to expand and upgrade the fleet of loading equipment!
Since the advent of loading equipment, the industrial potential of the whole planet has gained considerable momentum. It’s all about the accelerated logistics capabilities of most of the world’s manufacturing enterprises. And, it would seem – everything is extremely simple, accessible and understandable: it is only necessary to buy a forklift and your business will start to seriously increase turnover. But in the modern world, not everything is so unambiguous and sometimes the purchase of loading equipment can be an unbelievable expense item at the current moment, especially given the high cost of each individual commodity unit.

Even taking into account the fact that the company Eurocar is engaged in the sale of profile loading equipment on the rights of partnership agreements with the manufacturer and has the privileged right to establish a dealer price that is lower than the market price, the cost of equipment still remains unattainable for many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. In such cases, financial programs from specialized companies come to the rescue and the most logical, simple and affordable way to acquire a forklift is leasing.

At whom to buy equipment for leasing?
To calculate the cost and develop a strategy for action, you should determine the model and the amount of equipment purchased. After the formation of a private offer, the company that provides the leasing program creates for you individual conditions for which you will be given the opportunity to purchase our loading equipment. I want to emphasize that every individual case, like every client, receives individual conditions for financial cooperation, which depend on a lot of factors. In the end, you get the most optimal solution, which will suit you first!

In matters of providing financial services and developing a leasing program, we are working with ULF Finance. When choosing a financial partner, we were guided by two main principles: 1) priority of the client’s interests, 2) loyal and optimal conditions on the market. Among other things, the reliability of ULF Finance speaks about high professionalism and guarantees a high level of service for each of our clients, which for us is the main factor of partnership agreements. Over the past 7 years, the company has financed several thousand customers and achieved a conversion percentage from primary circulation to the transition to the rank of a regular customer at 45% +, which is one of the record indicators among the companies in this segment. Among all Ukrainian companies working with a professional technique of a special focus, ULF Finance provides the most optimal conditions for any client.

Buy a forklift in leasing is not just fashionable, but also profitable?
The question of the expediency of purchasing equipment for leasing is no longer an urgent issue. If more recently, many companies that need specialized equipment tried to calculate the benefits of such an offer and doubted their own solution, now no one doubts that any professional technique that works in full the required conditions pays off quickly enough. And considering the fact that we sell exceptional quality machinery and realize excellent models that have received a lot of awards in various nominations, it is easy to calculate that the lifetime of the truck considerably exceeds the payback period, regardless of the form of its purchase. Even if your company has an appropriate expense item and the opportunity to buy a forklift truck without assistance, there is a high profitability of the option of acquiring this equipment for leasing, and the remaining funds can be used to develop the business in another direction.

Of course, this is not an obligatory scheme for acquiring our equipment, but it is highly recommended. Under similar conditions, a lot of companies of different directions work in our country and abroad. Who knows, perhaps among the list of companies there are also your direct competitors. In this case, you especially should not hesitate and doubt the appropriateness of the optimal financial conditions for the acquisition of our products.
A few dry facts!
Most of the world’s companies, which are currently actively developing in the direction of logistics of their own products, have started developing business precisely with leasing programs from the world’s leading financial institutions. The growth period of sales turnover of your business decreases several times with the development of the fleet and the availability of loading equipment in it. The formula for reducing the period is quite easy to calculate. Simply make comparative time measurements of your cargo flow without loading equipment and with its use. Then multiply the time difference by the total quantity of the goods that you can “process” with the appropriate equipment. In the conditions of such a reality, even without a calculator, it becomes obvious very simple fact – to buy a forklift in leasing is a synonym for the expression “to earn from scratch.” While your competitors are tormented in trying to come up with a sensible way to increase sales, you have a unique chance to not just improve your own positions by increasing sales in the market, but also to drive out your direct competitors from there.

Still have questions? Contact our sales team! We will listen with interest to your task and help you to make an ideal plan for further action. In the partnership agreement, based on the leasing program, multiple conditions can be introduced from the servicing of the acquired equipment, to additional services of a different orientation. All conditions are negotiable, correctable and individual. Our main priority is your financial well-being and it is for this reason that we approach each customer’s service with the utmost responsibility and attention!

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