Questions and answers

How long is the traction battery of the electric forklift calculated?

Traction batteries of TEU forklift trucks are designed for 2000 charge / discharge cycles, which corresponds to 6-7 years of operation when working in one shift of 8 hours.

Do you change the old forklift to a new one?

The manager and service specialist of our company travels to inspect your equipment, on the basis of inspection and defecting the equipment to be evaluated. After the buyer has paid for the new equipment, our company buys out the old equipment at an estimated cost, which is mandatory in the contract of sale.

How to receive the offer and the price for your goods?

You can phone, receive a quotation or agree a meeting, and also leave an application in the “Request” section or write to us at

How do you support service and warranty service in the regions of Ukraine?

Our company has a network of partner certified service departments in all regions of Ukraine. Direct telephone service (096) 0-208-208.

How is the delivery delivered?

Delivery of goods is carried out by the transport company Zamler, while all the goods are insured.

Does your company supply forklift trucks in explosion-proof design?

The manufacturer of the brand TEU attracts a certified international company for the preparation of loaders for work in an explosive atmosphere, in order to know the cost of a forklift truck in explosion proof execution, the customer needs to fill out an internationally accepted questionnaire that you can get by contacting Eurocara.

If there is no desired forklift in stock, what is the delivery time?

The delivery time of the TEU forklift truck is 50-60 calendar days, after the buyer confirms the purchase.

What is the warranty for TEU forklifts?

Manufacturer of forklift trucks TEU Anhui Teu Forklift Truck Co.LTD provides a warranty on its products for 24 months or 2000 hours, which will come sooner. Warranty is preserved subject to warranty service by our company.

How to choose traction battery for electric forklift, stacker, reach truck?

Selection of the traction battery is carried out according to the passport and serial number of equipment, or by capacity, voltage and dimensions of the traction battery box.